A community of ordinary people learning to to live God’s way

What We’re About

Our dream is to see God fix all the brokenness in our own lives and in the world we live in – to make this world just like heaven.

Our prayer is to see God transform us and the neighbourhoods of Whipton & Beacon Heath until they are full-to-bursting with joy, hope, health and peace. We reckon Exeter is a great place to live, but God’s got way more for us all.

Our dream is to see a Jesus house on every street in Whipton and Beacon Heath, full of Jesus-y people who love and serve their friends and neighbours in all the tiny everyday ways.

Meet The Team

Revd. Carl Robinson

Church Leader

Sarah Robinson

Church Leader

Revd. Dan O’Hara


Mairi Donaldson

Admin and Operations Manager

Deborah Leighton-Plom


Nick Kenchington


St. Boniface Church, Whipton

Ann Langabeer


Holy Trinity Church Centre, Beacon Heath

Vicky O’Hara

PCC Secretary