Services for everyone, every Sunday

Everyone is at a different stage on their spiritual journey and as a church, we try to offer some different ways to meet with God for different people’s tastes!

If you want a friendly, traditional service, then our 9:30am Sunday Holy Communion service is for you! We sing some hymns, share communion, and listen to a short talk together each week.

If you are looking for something a little different, then our lively Sunday Lunch service might interest you! We meet every Sunday at 11am in St Boniface Church, Whipton for modern sung worship, interactive talks about God taken from the Bible, and afterwards we even provide a free lunch!

9:30am Holy Communion Service

Every Sunday at 9:30am for about an hour

A quiet, reflective chance to worship God each week using the Common Worship Holy Communion service of the Church of England.

Holy Trinity Church Centre, Beacon Heath
Arena Park
United Kingdom

IIam Sunday Lunch Service

Every Sunday at 11am for about an hour and a half

Held every week at St Boniface Church, Whipton. This is an informal, round-the-table worship gathering for the whole family. A chance to sing, draw, pray, ask questions and learn more from the Bible of how to follow Jesus, which always ends in us eating a free lunch together.

St Boniface Church

United Kingdom

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